What Did Children Do for Fun in Ancient Egyptian Times?

Have you ever wondered what children did for fun in ancient Egyptian times? Let’s take a trip back in time and explore some of the popular activities that kept young Egyptians entertained.

Outdoor Games

One of the most popular games among ancient Egyptian children was Senet. This board game was played by two players who had to move their pieces across a board consisting of 30 squares. Another game that was enjoyed by kids was Mancala, where players had to collect as many stones as possible by moving them around a board with hollowed-out spaces.

Indoor Games

In addition to outdoor games, children in ancient Egypt also enjoyed playing indoor games such as dice, which involved rolling small animal bones and betting on the outcome. Another popular game was Mehen, which was played on a circular board with snake-shaped pieces.


Toys were also an important part of an ancient Egyptian child’s life. Dolls made from cloth or clay were common toys for girls while boys enjoyed playing with wooden animals or toy soldiers. Another toy that was popular among both boys and girls was the spinning top, which could be made from various materials such as stone or wood.


Sports were also an integral part of ancient Egyptian life, and children were encouraged to participate in physical activities such as swimming and wrestling. Archery was another sport that was enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Arts and Crafts

Ancient Egyptian children also had a creative side and enjoyed participating in arts and crafts activities such as painting, weaving, and pottery making. They would often create small figurines out of clay or make jewelry using beads made from various materials such as glass or precious stones.

In conclusion, despite living in a time without modern technology or entertainment options, ancient Egyptian children found ways to have fun and keep themselves occupied. Whether it was playing games, participating in sports, or expressing their creativity through arts and crafts, they were able to enjoy a childhood that was filled with wonder and imagination.