What Did Disciples Do When Jesus Died?

When Jesus died on the cross, the disciples were left in a state of shock and despair. They had followed Him for years, witnessing His miracles and listening to His teachings. But now, their leader was gone.

The Disciples’ Reactions

Some of the disciples were present at the crucifixion, watching as Jesus took His last breath. Others learned of His death later on. Regardless of how they found out, they were all devastated by the news.

Many of them went into hiding, fearing for their own lives. They knew that if Jesus could be killed, then they could be too. Peter famously denied knowing Jesus three times out of fear for his own safety.

Others were grief-stricken and mourned openly. Mary Magdalene wept at the tomb where Jesus was buried, not wanting to leave even after the other disciples had gone home.

The Disciples’ Actions

Despite their initial shock and grief, the disciples eventually regrouped and began to take action.

They first focused on ensuring that Jesus received a proper burial. Joseph of Arimathea provided a tomb for Him and Nicodemus helped prepare His body for burial.

The disciples also continued to spread Jesus’ message of love and salvation. They preached to anyone who would listen and performed miracles in His name.

Eventually, they became emboldened by the Holy Spirit and began to openly proclaim that Jesus had risen from the dead. This message sparked a movement that continues to this day.

  • Peter became a prominent leader in the early church.
  • John wrote several books of the New Testament.
  • Paul went on multiple missionary journeys throughout the Mediterranean region.

The Significance Today

The actions of the disciples after Jesus’ death have significant implications for Christians today.

Firstly, it shows that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. The disciples were able to move past their grief and continue to spread Jesus’ message, ultimately leading to the establishment of the Christian church.

Secondly, it demonstrates the power of faith. The disciples had faith that Jesus was the Son of God and that His message was worth sharing with others. This faith sustained them through difficult times and allowed them to accomplish great things.

In conclusion, while the death of Jesus was a dark moment for his disciples, it ultimately led to a movement that has lasted for centuries. Their reactions and actions in the aftermath of His death provide valuable lessons about hope and faith that are still relevant today.