What Did Egyptians Look Like in Ancient Times?

Egyptians are one of the most fascinating ancient civilizations, known for their rich history, advanced culture, and striking monuments. But what did Egyptians look like in ancient times? In this article, we will explore the physical appearance of ancient Egyptians and how they have influenced our perception of beauty and style.

Ancient Egyptian Features

Ancient Egyptians were a diverse group of people who lived in various regions of Egypt over thousands of years. However, there are some common physical features that were associated with ancient Egyptians.

Skintone: Ancient Egyptians had a range of skin tones from light to dark. Most depictions show them with reddish-brown skin tones.

Hair: Ancient Egyptians had thick, curly hair that was often styled into elaborate braids or dreadlocks. They also wore wigs made from human hair or sheep’s wool.

Eyes: One of the most striking features of ancient Egyptians was their eyes. They had large, almond-shaped eyes that were often depicted with heavy black eyeliner or kohl.

Noses: Ancient Egyptians had a range of nose shapes from straight to slightly curved. Their noses were often depicted as being long and narrow.

Beauty Standards

Ancient Egyptians placed a high value on physical appearance and placed great emphasis on grooming and beauty rituals. Both men and women wore makeup, perfumes, and oils to enhance their beauty.

Some common beauty standards for women included having clear skin, full lips, and a slender figure. Women also wore elaborate headdresses made from beads and feathers as well as jewelry made from gold and precious stones.

Men also placed importance on their appearance by wearing wigs or shaving their heads completely. They also adorned themselves with jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made from gold or other precious metals.

Clothing Style

Clothing was another important aspect of ancient Egyptian culture. Egyptians wore light, airy clothing made from linen to help them stay cool in the hot desert climate.

Men typically wore short kilts or skirts while women wore dresses that covered their breasts and were often worn with straps over the shoulders. Both men and women also wore sandals made from woven reeds or leather.


In conclusion, ancient Egyptians had a unique physical appearance that was shaped by their diverse culture and environment. Their striking features such as large eyes, curly hair, and reddish-brown skin tones have influenced our perception of beauty and style to this day. Additionally, their emphasis on grooming and clothing has left a lasting impact on fashion trends around the world.