What Did Fishermen Wear in Ancient Greece?

Fishing has been an essential part of Greek culture for centuries. The ancient Greeks were skilled fishermen and relied heavily on the sea for food and commerce.

But have you ever wondered what the ancient Greek fishermen wore while out at sea? Let’s dive into the history and explore the clothing of ancient Greek fishermen.

Ancient Greek Fishermen Clothing

The attire of ancient Greek fishermen was simple yet practical. They wore loose-fitting tunics made of linen or wool, which provided comfort and allowed for easy movement while fishing. These tunics were often sleeveless to allow better ventilation in hot weather.

Headgear: To protect their heads from the harsh sun, ancient Greek fishermen would wear a hat called a petasos. The petasos was made of straw or wool and had a wide brim that provided shade to the face and neck.

Footwear: When it came to footwear, ancient Greek fishermen preferred sandals made from leather, which allowed their feet to breathe in hot weather.

Fishing Tools

Apart from clothing, ancient Greek fishermen also had specific tools that they used while fishing. These tools included:

  • Nets: Ancient Greeks used different types of nets to catch various kinds of fish.
  • Spear: Fishermen used spears to catch larger fish such as swordfish or tuna.
  • Hook and Line: Smaller fish were caught using hooks and lines made from bone or bronze.

Fishing Boats

Ancient Greek fishermen would use various boats depending on their location and type of fish they wanted to catch. Some popular boats included:

  • Kerykeion: This boat was used by coastal fishermen and was around 30 feet long.
  • Leukor: The Leukor was a larger boat and was used for deep-sea fishing.
  • Hemiolia: This boat was used by the navy but could also be used for fishing due to its speed and maneuverability.

The Significance of Fishing in Ancient Greece

Fishing was crucial to the ancient Greek economy, and it played a significant role in their culture. Fishermen were often seen as heroes, and many mythical stories revolve around them.

Fishing was not only a means of livelihood but also a form of recreation. It brought people together and created a sense of community.


In conclusion, ancient Greek fishermen wore simple yet practical clothing that allowed them to move freely while fishing. They used various tools such as nets, spears, hooks, and lines to catch fish and had specific boats for different types of fishing. Fishing played an important role in ancient Greek culture and economy, making it an essential part of their daily lives.