What Did Frederick Jackson Turner Say Was Up to 1893 a Large Degree of American History?

Frederick Jackson Turner was an American historian who is famous for his thesis on the American frontier. In 1893, he delivered a paper titled “The Significance of the Frontier in American History” at a meeting of historians in Chicago. This paper would later become one of the most influential works in the field of American history.

The Thesis

Turner’s thesis was straightforward: he argued that the existence of a frontier played a significant role in shaping American history up to 1893. He believed that the frontier was a critical factor in creating America’s unique identity and that it had shaped everything from politics to culture.

The Frontier

According to Turner, the frontier was more than just a geographical location; it was an idea and a way of life. The frontier represented America’s westward expansion and its constant pursuit of new lands and opportunities. It was where settlers could escape from their past, start anew, and forge their destinies.

The Impact on American History

Turner believed that the presence of the frontier had shaped many aspects of American history up to 1893. For instance:

  • Politics: According to Turner, the existence of the frontier had helped create a uniquely democratic political system. He argued that because settlers on the frontier had to rely on themselves for protection and governance, they developed strong individualistic tendencies that were reflected in America’s political system.
  • Economics: Turner also believed that the presence of the frontier had shaped America’s economic development.

    He argued that access to new lands and resources had driven innovation and entrepreneurship throughout American history.

  • Culture: Finally, Turner believed that the frontier had played a significant role in shaping American culture. He argued that life on the frontier had encouraged individualism, self-reliance, and a sense of rugged individualism that was reflected in America’s literature, art, and music.


Despite its influence, Turner’s thesis has not been without its critics. Some scholars have argued that the frontier was not as significant a factor in American history as Turner believed. They point out that other factors, such as immigration and industrialization, played just as important a role in shaping America’s identity.


Regardless of its flaws, Turner’s thesis on the frontier remains a crucial part of American history. It helped shape the way historians viewed America’s development and encouraged them to examine the country’s unique identity and culture. Today, it continues to inspire new generations of scholars to delve deeper into America’s past and uncover new insights into its history.