What Did Jesus Disciples Do?

The disciples of Jesus were a group of devoted individuals who followed Him during His ministry on earth. These disciples were handpicked by Jesus Himself and were tasked with spreading His message to the world. But what did these disciples do, and how did they accomplish this monumental task?

Who Were Jesus’ Disciples?

Jesus’ disciples were a diverse group of men from different walks of life. They included fishermen like Peter, James, and John, as well as a tax collector named Matthew.

The group also included a zealot named Simon and two brothers, Andrew and Philip. In total, there were 12 disciples that are known to have followed Jesus.

What Did the Disciples Do?

The main task of the disciples was to spread the word of Jesus throughout the land. They traveled with Jesus and witnessed His miracles, teachings, and crucifixion. After His resurrection, they continued to spread His message to all who would listen.

One notable event in the life of the disciples was Pentecost. This was when the Holy Spirit descended upon them and gave them the ability to speak in different languages. This event gave them a powerful tool for spreading the Gospel to people from all over the world.

Another important role that the disciples played was in establishing new churches. They would travel to different cities and towns, preaching about Jesus and establishing new communities of believers.

The Impact of Jesus’ Disciples

The impact that Jesus’ disciples had on the world cannot be overstated. Through their tireless efforts, they helped establish Christianity as one of the major religions in the world.

Their teachings have been passed down through generations and have influenced countless individuals throughout history. Their legacy lives on today through modern Christianity.

The Importance of Following in Their Footsteps

As Christians today, it is important for us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus’ disciples. We must strive to spread His message to those around us and establish new communities of believers.

We can also learn from their dedication and devotion to Jesus. They were willing to give up everything they had to follow Him and spread His message. We too must be willing to make sacrifices for our faith and put our trust in Jesus.


In conclusion, the disciples of Jesus played a crucial role in spreading His message throughout the world.

As Christians today, we can learn from their example and strive to follow in their footsteps. By spreading His message and living a life of faith, we too can make a difference in the world around us.