What Did Jesus Do When He Sat Down to Eat With the Disciples?

When Jesus sat down to eat with his disciples, it was never just a simple meal. Each time they broke bread together, it was an opportunity for Jesus to teach and impart wisdom. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things Jesus did during these meals.

Breaking Bread

One of the most significant things that Jesus did during these meals was to break bread. This act symbolized the breaking of his body, which he would later do on the cross. When he broke bread and shared it with his disciples, he was preparing them for what was to come.

Washing Feet

Another thing that Jesus did during these meals was to wash his disciples’ feet. In those days, washing someone’s feet was considered a lowly task and was usually left to servants.

However, Jesus took on this task himself as an act of love and humility. It was also symbolic of cleansing and purification.


During these meals, Jesus would often use parables and stories to teach important lessons to his disciples. One example is the parable of the prodigal son, which he told during a meal with Pharisees. Through this story, Jesus taught about forgiveness and reconciliation.


Perhaps the most well-known part of these meals is communion. During the Last Supper, Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples and instructed them to do this in remembrance of him. Communion is still practiced today by many Christians as a way to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross.

  • Conclusion:

Eating with his disciples wasn’t just about satisfying hunger for Jesus – it was about teaching them important lessons and preparing them for what was to come. By breaking bread, washing feet, teaching through parables, and instituting communion, Jesus left a lasting impact on his disciples and on the world.