What Did Jesus Tell His Disciples Before He Died?

As Jesus approached the end of His life on earth, He knew that He had to prepare His disciples for what was to come. He gathered them together and spoke to them about His imminent death and what it meant for them. Here are some of the things that Jesus told His disciples before He died.

The Betrayal of Judas Iscariot

Jesus knew that one of His own disciples, Judas Iscariot, would betray Him. Jesus told His disciples that one of them would betray Him and that it was the one who dipped his hand into the bowl with Him. This must have been a shocking revelation for them, and they were all deeply troubled by it.

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

Jesus knew that after He was gone, His disciples would need help and guidance. So, He promised them that He would send the Holy Spirit to be with them always. The Holy Spirit would teach them everything they needed to know and remind them of everything Jesus had taught them.

The Commandment to Love One Another

Jesus gave His disciples a new commandment: to love one another as He had loved them. This meant putting others before themselves and serving each other sacrificially. Jesus said that this love for one another would be a witness to the world that they were His disciples.

The Prediction of Peter’s Denial

Jesus also predicted that Peter, one of His closest disciples, would deny Him three times before the rooster crowed. Peter vehemently denied this prediction but unfortunately, it came true as he did deny knowing Jesus three times.

The Commission to Make Disciples

Before leaving, Jesus gave His disciples a commission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations”. This was a call to spread the gospel message throughout the world so that others could come to know Jesus and be saved.

The Promise of His Return

Finally, Jesus promised His disciples that He would return one day. He said that no one knew the day or the hour, not even the angels in heaven, but that they should always be ready for His return.

In conclusion, Jesus had much to say to His disciples before He died. He prepared them for what was to come and gave them instructions on how to live and serve after He was gone. His words still ring true today and serve as a reminder of the love and sacrifice that He made for us all.