What Did Jesus Tell the 70 Disciples When They Returned From Their Mission?

When Jesus sent out his 70 disciples to spread his message, he gave them instructions on what to do and what to expect. After their mission was complete, they returned to Jesus to report on their experiences.

What did Jesus tell them when they shared their stories? Let’s dive into the scriptures to find out.

Instructions for the 70 Disciples

In Luke 10:1-12, Jesus instructs the 70 disciples on what to do during their mission. He tells them to go out in pairs and travel light, without any extra belongings.

He also warns them that not everyone will welcome them and that they may face opposition. However, he encourages them not to fear those who oppose them but instead trust in God’s protection.

Jesus tells the disciples that when they enter a town and are welcomed by its people, they should stay with them and heal the sick. They should also preach about the kingdom of God and let people know that it has come near.

The Disciples’ Reports

When the 70 disciples returned from their mission, they were overjoyed by what had happened. They reported back to Jesus about all of the amazing things that had occurred during their travels. They told him how even demons had been subject to them in his name.

Jesus’ Response

Jesus was filled with joy at hearing about his followers’ successes. In Luke 10:21-24, he praises God for revealing these things to the disciples, saying that it was hidden from many wise and learned people but revealed to those who were like children.

He then turns to his disciples and tells them that they are blessed because of what they have seen and heard. He reminds them that many prophets longed to see what they were seeing but never had the chance.

The Lesson for Us Today

So what can we learn from this story? First of all, we can see that Jesus sends us out into the world to spread his message. We may face opposition and persecution, but we should trust in God’s protection and continue to preach about the kingdom of God.

Secondly, we can see that when we do this work, we will experience incredible things. We may witness healings or other miracles. But even if we don’t see these things happen, Jesus still considers us blessed because of our faithfulness.


In conclusion, when the 70 disciples returned from their mission, Jesus was filled with joy at their success. He reminded them that they were blessed because of what they had seen and heard. We too can experience this same joy and blessing when we faithfully carry out the work that Jesus has given us to do.