What Did Men Do All Day in Ancient Greece?

In Ancient Greece, men held a prominent position in society. Their daily routines were vastly different from what we are used to today. Let’s explore what men did all day in Ancient Greece.

Daily Routines

Men in Ancient Greece typically woke up early in the morning, before sunrise. They would start their day with a light breakfast consisting of bread, cheese, and wine. Afterward, they would get dressed and head out for their daily activities.


The majority of men in Ancient Greece worked as farmers or craftsmen. They spent a significant portion of their day working on their land or creating goods.

For farmers, this meant tending to crops and taking care of livestock. Craftsmen, on the other hand, spent their days creating pottery, textiles, or metalwork.

Physical Training

Physical fitness was highly valued in Ancient Greece. Men spent a considerable amount of time engaging in physical activities such as running, wrestling or throwing discus. These activities were not only seen as a way to stay fit but also as a way to prepare for battle.

Leisure Time

In their free time, men would often gather at the local gymnasium to socialize and participate in sports competitions. They would also attend theater performances or engage in philosophical discussions at the local marketplace.


In conclusion, men’s daily routines in Ancient Greece revolved around work, physical fitness, and leisure time activities such as sports and cultural events. While their lifestyle may seem vastly different from what we are used to today, it is clear that they placed great importance on leading an active and fulfilling life.