What Did People Do for Entertainment in Ancient Times?

Entertainment is an integral part of human life. It has been so since the dawn of civilization.

However, the forms of entertainment have evolved considerably over time. In ancient times, people had limited options for entertainment. Let’s explore what people did for entertainment in ancient times.

Ancient Egyptian Entertainment

Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. The Egyptians had a rich culture and diverse forms of entertainment.

One of the most popular forms of entertainment was music and dance. Egyptians were fond of singing and dancing, and these activities were often accompanied by musical instruments such as harps, flutes, and lutes.

Another popular form of entertainment in Ancient Egypt was board games. Senet was a popular board game that was played by upper-class Egyptians. The game consisted of a board with thirty squares and playing pieces that were moved around the board according to rolls of dice.

Ancient Greek Entertainment

Ancient Greece is known for its contribution to modern art, literature, science, and philosophy. The Greeks also had a rich culture when it came to entertainment. Theater was an essential part of Greek culture, and it was often performed in large outdoor theaters.

The Greeks also enjoyed sports such as running, wrestling, boxing, chariot racing, and discus throwing. The Olympic Games originated in Ancient Greece as a way to celebrate physical fitness and athleticism.

Ancient Roman Entertainment

Roman civilization was heavily influenced by Greek culture, including their forms of entertainment. The Romans enjoyed watching gladiator fights in large arenas called amphitheaters.

The Romans also enjoyed chariot races which were similar to modern-day horse racing but with chariots pulled by horses instead.

The Importance of Storytelling

One common form of entertainment across different civilizations throughout history has been storytelling. People would gather around a campfire or in a public square to listen to stories. These stories were often passed down through generations and helped to preserve cultural traditions.


Entertainment has always been a part of human life, and it has evolved considerably over time. From music and dance to sports and board games, people in ancient times found ways to enjoy themselves.

Storytelling was also an important form of entertainment that helped to preserve cultural traditions. Understanding the forms of entertainment in ancient times can help us appreciate the evolution of human culture and entertainment.