What Did the Disciples Do Right After Jesus Died?

After Jesus’ death, the disciples were left with a great sense of loss and confusion. They had dedicated their lives to following Jesus and spreading his teachings, but now that he was gone, they didn’t know what to do next. However, the disciples didn’t give up; instead, they regrouped and continued to spread the message of Jesus in a variety of ways.

The Disciples’ Response

Immediately after Jesus’ death, the disciples were filled with fear and uncertainty. They hid themselves away from the public eye for fear of being arrested or killed by the Roman authorities who had put Jesus to death. This was a natural response given the circumstances, but it wasn’t long before they began to regroup and take action.

The Disciples’ Actions

The first thing that the disciples did after Jesus’ death was to gather together and mourn their loss. They shared their grief with one another and tried to come to terms with what had happened. This was an important first step in their journey towards healing.

After this initial period of mourning, the disciples began to take action. They started by spreading the message of Jesus throughout Jerusalem, despite the dangers that this posed. They preached about his life, death, and resurrection in public places such as synagogues, markets, and street corners.

Additionally, they continued to perform miracles in Jesus’ name as a way of demonstrating his divine power and reinforcing his teachings. For example, Peter healed a man who had been lame from birth (Acts 3:1-10), which drew large crowds of people who were eager to hear more about Jesus.

The disciples also formed communities where they could gather together for worship and fellowship. These communities provided support for one another during difficult times and helped spread the message of Jesus even further.

  • They continued to teach
  • They performed miracles
  • They formed communities of believers

The Impact of the Disciples’ Actions

The actions of the disciples had a profound impact on the world. They were able to spread the message of Jesus throughout Jerusalem and beyond, which led to the establishment of Christianity as a major world religion.

Their teachings and actions also inspired countless individuals to lead lives of faith and service. Many people were drawn to the message of love and compassion that Jesus preached, and they found hope in his promise of eternal life.


In conclusion, the disciples’ response to Jesus’ death was both natural and inspiring. Despite their initial fear and uncertainty, they banded together and continued to spread his message throughout the world. Their actions had a profound impact on history and continue to inspire people today.