What Did the Disciples Do While Jesus Was Praying?

When Jesus was praying, what did his disciples do? This is a question that has puzzled many people for centuries.

We know from the Gospels that Jesus often went off by himself to pray, but what did his disciples do during these times? Let’s take a closer look.

The Disciples Waited

When Jesus went off to pray, his disciples would wait for him. They didn’t go with him because he often went to quiet and secluded places where he could be alone with God. The disciples understood the importance of prayer and knew that Jesus needed this time to connect with his Father in heaven.

They Continued Their Work

While waiting for Jesus, the disciples would continue their work. They were fishermen, tax collectors, and ordinary men who had left everything to follow Jesus. They didn’t just sit around doing nothing – they continued with their daily tasks.

They Prayed Too

It’s also likely that the disciples prayed while waiting for Jesus to finish his own prayers. They had seen firsthand the power of prayer in Jesus’ life and ministry, so it’s only natural that they would want to follow his example.

They Learned from Him

During these times of waiting, the disciples also had the opportunity to learn from Jesus. When he returned from praying, he often shared insights and teachings with them that he had received from God. These moments were precious to the disciples as they deepened their understanding of God’s will and purpose.

They Asked Questions

The disciples weren’t afraid to ask questions either. When Jesus returned from praying, they would often ask him about what he had prayed for or what God had said to him. This gave them a greater insight into who God was and how they could better serve him.

The Importance of Prayer

The disciples’ response to Jesus’ prayer time highlights the importance of prayer in our own lives. Just like the disciples waited for Jesus and continued with their work, we too should prioritize prayer in our daily routines. It’s through prayer that we connect with God and receive guidance for our lives.


In conclusion, while Jesus was praying, his disciples waited, worked, prayed, learned, and asked questions. This time of waiting was not wasted – it was a crucial part of their spiritual growth and development. As we seek to follow Jesus today, may we also prioritize prayer in our own lives and allow God to speak to us in the quiet moments.