What Did They Do for a Living During Ancient Times?

During ancient times, people had a very different way of life than what we have today. One of the most significant differences was their means of earning a living. In this article, we will explore the various professions and occupations that existed during ancient times.


In ancient times, agriculture was the primary source of livelihood. People cultivated crops and raised livestock for food and trade.

Farmers used tools like plows, sickles and threshing machines to harvest crops. They also had to be skilled in irrigation techniques to water their fields.


Craftsmanship was another vital profession during ancient times. Artisans specialized in creating pottery, textiles, jewelry, weapons, and other objects that were essential for daily life. They used raw materials like clay, wood, metal, stone and glass to create unique pieces of art.


Trading played a critical role in ancient economies where people traded goods with each other or from far-off lands. Traders transported goods such as spices, silk fabric, precious stones and metals across long distances using caravans or ships.

Military Service

Military service was a common occupation during ancient times. Soldiers were responsible for protecting their kingdoms from invaders or enemies. They were also involved in conquering new territories or expanding their empires.

Religious Service

Religion played an important role in the daily lives of people during ancient times. Religious service involved performing rituals and ceremonies at temples or other places of worship. Priests were highly respected members of society who provided spiritual guidance to people.

Government Service

Government service was another profession that existed during ancient times. Officials were appointed by rulers to govern their kingdoms or empires efficiently. They were responsible for maintaining law and order and collecting taxes from citizens.


In conclusion, people during ancient times had a variety of professions and occupations. Their livelihoods were crucial to the development and growth of their societies.

The professions mentioned above were just a few examples of the many that existed. Today, we have many more job opportunities available to us, but it’s essential to remember our roots and appreciate the sacrifices made by our ancestors in creating the world we live in today.