What Do We Know About Native American History?

Native American history is a topic that has been widely discussed and debated for decades. The indigenous people of America have a rich and complex history that dates back thousands of years.

From their cultural practices to their struggles with European settlers, there is much to learn about the history of Native Americans. In this article, we will explore some of the key aspects of Native American history.


Native Americans are believed to have migrated to the Americas from Asia over 12,000 years ago. These early settlers gradually spread across the continent and developed unique cultures and traditions. Over time, they formed distinct groups or tribes, each with their own language, customs, and beliefs.


Native American culture is characterized by its close connection to nature and the environment. Many tribes believe in the importance of maintaining a spiritual balance between humanity and nature. Additionally, storytelling plays an important role in Native American culture as a means of passing down history from one generation to another.

European Contact

The arrival of European settlers in North America had a profound impact on Native American communities. Disease brought by Europeans decimated many tribes while others were forced into conflict with new settlers who claimed their land. Many Native Americans were forcibly removed from their ancestral lands as part of government policies like Indian removal acts.


In the late 19th century, many Native American tribes were confined to reservations created by the US government. These reservations often lacked resources and basic amenities like clean water or food supplies which made life difficult for those who lived there.

Modern Day

Today, many Native Americans continue to struggle with issues related to poverty, healthcare access, inadequate education systems and discrimination. However, there are also many efforts underway to preserve traditional cultures and languages as well as promote economic development within these communities.

  • Traditional Languages: Many tribes are working to preserve their languages through educational programs and language immersion schools.
  • Cultural Centers: Cultural centers and museums are being established to celebrate the culture, traditions, and history of Native American communities.
  • Economic Development: Many tribes are working to promote economic development within their communities through initiatives like gaming, tourism, and renewable energy projects.


Native American history is a complex and multi-faceted subject. From their origins in prehistoric times to their struggles with European settlers, there is much to learn about the indigenous people of America. Despite the challenges they have faced, many Native American communities continue to celebrate their culture and traditions while striving for a better future.