What Do We Learn From Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet?

In the Bible, there is a powerful story about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. At first glance, this may seem like a simple act of kindness, but it holds deeper meaning and lessons for all of us.

What Happened?

The story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet is found in John 13:1-17. During the Last Supper, Jesus took off his robe, tied a towel around his waist, and began to wash the feet of his disciples.

This was a menial task that was typically done by a servant or slave. Peter initially objected to Jesus washing his feet, but Jesus explained that this act was necessary for them to understand what true servanthood means.

The Lessons We Learn

There are several lessons we can learn from this powerful act:


Jesus humbled himself by taking on the role of a servant and performing a task that was beneath him. He set an example for his disciples and all believers to follow. It reminds us that no job is too small or insignificant for us to do.


Jesus taught his disciples about serving others by performing this act. He showed them that true leadership means serving others with love and humility.


By washing their feet, Jesus showed the disciples that they were all equal in God’s eyes regardless of their status or position. He created an atmosphere of fellowship and unity among them.


In Biblical times, people wore sandals and walked on dirt roads which meant their feet would be dirty. By washing their feet, Jesus demonstrated the need for purity in our lives and how we must cleanse ourselves from sin through confession and repentance.

Application in Our Lives

The lessons we learn from Jesus washing the disciples’ feet apply to our lives today. As Christians, we are called to live a life of humility, servanthood, fellowship, and purity. We must be willing to serve others without expecting anything in return and treat everyone with love and respect.


In conclusion, Jesus washing the disciples’ feet was not just a simple act of kindness but a powerful lesson about humility, servanthood, fellowship, and purity. As we strive to live a life that pleases God, may we always remember the example that Jesus set for us.