What Do You Learn in African American History?

African American history is a crucial part of American history. It is the story of how African Americans have contributed to the development of the United States. Learning about African American history helps us gain a better understanding of the struggles and achievements of African Americans and their impact on society.

What is African American History?

African American history refers to the events, personalities, and movements that have shaped the lives and experiences of African Americans. It encompasses the struggles for freedom, equality, and justice that have been fought by African Americans from slavery to modern times.

What Do You Learn in African American History?

In an African American history course, you will learn about various topics that are significant in shaping the experiences of African Americans. Here are some elements that you will come across:

1. Slavery

Slavery was one of the darkest periods in African American history. Slaves were forcibly taken from Africa and sold into slavery in America. The system was brutal, with slaves subjected to hard labor, abuse, and mistreatment.

2. Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement was a major turning point in American history. It was a struggle for equal rights for all citizens regardless of race or color. The movement led to landmark legislation such as the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act.

3. Black Culture

African Americans have contributed significantly to American culture through music, art, literature, dance, and fashion. Learning about black culture helps us appreciate their contributions to society.

4. Famous Figures

There are many famous figures in African American history who have made significant contributions to society such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Maya Angelou, and Barack Obama.

The Importance of Learning About Black History

Learning about black history is important because it helps us understand the struggles and achievements of African Americans. It also helps us appreciate their contributions to American society. Black history is American history, and it should be taught as such.


In conclusion, learning about African American history is essential in gaining a better understanding of American history. From slavery to modern times, African Americans have played a significant role in shaping the course of American history. By studying black history, we can gain a deeper appreciation for their contributions to society and strive towards creating a more just and equitable future for all.