What Does It Mean When Someone Says Jesus Is the Lord of His or Her Life?

When someone says that Jesus is the Lord of their life, it means that they have made a commitment to follow Him and allow Him to guide their actions and decisions. This statement is often made by Christians who believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and strive to live according to His example.

What Does “Lord” Mean?

The term “Lord” refers to someone who has power and authority over others. In the case of Jesus, He is considered the Lord because He is believed to be the Son of God and has ultimate power over all things. By calling Jesus the Lord of their lives, Christians are acknowledging His authority and submitting themselves to His will.

What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

To follow Jesus means more than simply believing in Him. It requires a commitment to living according to His teachings and striving to emulate His example. This includes treating others with kindness and compassion, forgiving those who have wronged us, and helping those in need.

The Importance of Surrendering Control

One of the most important aspects of making Jesus the Lord of our lives is surrendering control. This means letting go of our own desires and allowing God’s will to guide us. It can be difficult at times, but ultimately it leads to a greater sense of peace and fulfillment.

Living with Purpose

When we make Jesus the Lord of our lives, we are also committing ourselves to living with purpose. Instead of simply going through the motions, we have a reason for everything we do – to glorify God and further His kingdom on earth.

  • We may choose careers that allow us to help others or make a positive impact in our communities.
  • We may volunteer our time or resources to support causes that align with our values.
  • We may seek out opportunities for spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with other believers.

The Rewards of Following Jesus

While following Jesus requires sacrifice and hard work, it also comes with many rewards. These include:

  • A deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.
  • A closer relationship with God and a greater understanding of His love for us.
  • A sense of community and belonging among other believers.
  • An eternal reward in heaven for those who remain faithful to Jesus until the end.

In conclusion, making Jesus the Lord of our lives is a powerful commitment that requires surrendering control and living with purpose. While it may not always be easy, the rewards are immeasurable. As Christians, we can find comfort in knowing that we are not alone on this journey – we have each other and God’s unwavering love to guide us every step of the way.