What Does Jesus Do When He Meets the Two Disciples on the Road in Luke 24?

When Jesus meets the two disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24, He performs a series of actions that reveal His identity and purpose. These actions are significant not only because they showcase Jesus’ divinity but also because they provide important insights into how we can encounter Him today.

Jesus Listens
The first thing that Jesus does when He meets the two disciples is to listen to them. They are walking along, discussing recent events, and Jesus joins them, asking what they are talking about.

The disciples are surprised that this stranger doesn’t seem to know what has just happened in Jerusalem, but they tell Him anyway. They share their fears and doubts, and Jesus listens patiently.

Jesus Teaches
After listening to the disciples’ concerns, Jesus begins to teach them. He explains how everything that has happened was foretold in Scripture – how the Messiah had to suffer before entering His glory. He takes them through the Old Testament, showing them how all of it points towards Him.

Jesus Breaks Bread
As evening approaches, the disciples invite Jesus to stay with them in Emmaus. They sit down together for a meal, and when Jesus takes bread and breaks it, their eyes are opened – they recognize Him as the risen Savior!

What Does It All Mean?
So what can we learn from this encounter? First of all, we see that Jesus meets us where we are – whether we’re walking along a dusty road or sitting at home worrying about our problems – He wants to listen to us.

Secondly, we see that Jesus wants to teach us – just as He did with the two disciples on the road. We have access to God’s Word today in a way that many people throughout history did not have – through Bibles and other resources available online or at our local Christian bookstores.

Finally, we see that when Jesus breaks bread with us, our eyes are opened. This is a reference to the sacrament of Communion, which Christians have celebrated for centuries. When we partake of the bread and wine, we remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and are reminded that He is present with us always.

In conclusion, the encounter between Jesus and the two disciples on the road to Emmaus is a powerful reminder of how Jesus reveals Himself to us today. Just as He listened to the disciples, taught them, and broke bread with them, so He wants to do with us. May we be open to His presence in our lives today and every day!