What Does the Bible Say About Celebrating Jesus Resurrection?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most significant events in Christianity. It is a central doctrine that affirms the power of God and His love for humanity.

As such, Christians all over the world celebrate this event with great joy and enthusiasm. But what does the Bible say about celebrating Jesus’ resurrection? Let’s explore.

The Resurrection of Jesus

Before we delve into what the Bible says about celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, let’s first understand the event itself. According to the Gospels, Jesus was crucified and buried in a tomb. On the third day, however, He rose from the dead, appearing to His disciples and several others before ascending to heaven.

This event is critical to Christian faith as it affirms that Jesus was indeed God’s Son and that death could not hold Him down. As such, it serves as a foundation for Christian beliefs and practices.

Celebrating Jesus’ Resurrection

The Bible does not command Christians to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection specifically. However, it does encourage believers to rejoice in their salvation and give thanks for God’s mercy and grace.

One way Christians celebrate this is through Easter Sunday services where they gather to worship God and remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Churches decorate with flowers, and there may be special music or sermons focused on the resurrection.

Other Ways to Celebrate

While attending church services is an excellent way to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, there are other ways Christians can commemorate this event at home.

  • Prayer: Spend time praying and giving thanks for God’s love and grace.
  • Scripture Study: Read passages from the Bible that pertain to Easter such as Matthew 28:1-10 or Luke 24:1-12.
  • Family Activities: Engage in activities that remind you of the resurrection, such as decorating eggs or baking hot cross buns.


In conclusion, celebrating Jesus’ resurrection is an important aspect of Christian faith. While there may not be specific commands in the Bible regarding how to celebrate, Christians can rejoice in their salvation and give thanks for God’s mercy and grace.

Attending church services and engaging in family activities are just a few ways to commemorate this event. May we always remember the significance of Jesus’ resurrection and how it continues to impact our lives today.