What Film Was Filmed at the Natural History Museum?

The Natural History Museum is one of the most iconic landmarks in London, England. It is known for its grand architecture, impressive collections, and stunning exhibitions.

However, did you know that this museum has also been a popular filming location for many movies? In this article, we will explore which film was filmed at the Natural History Museum.

The Film

The movie that was filmed at the Natural History Museum is “Paddington.” This 2014 film is based on the beloved children’s book character Paddington Bear. The movie features an all-star cast including Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, and Nicole Kidman.

The Plot

The movie follows Paddington Bear as he travels from his home in Peru to London in search of a new home. He arrives at Paddington Station and is taken in by the Brown family who name him after the station where they found him.

Paddington’s adventures in London are full of mishaps and mayhem as he tries to fit into his new surroundings. He soon discovers that an evil taxidermist (played by Nicole Kidman) is after him because she wants to add him to her collection. With the help of the Browns and some newfound friends, Paddington must outsmart the taxidermist and find a way to stay in London.

The Filming Location

The Natural History Museum was used as a filming location for several scenes in “Paddington.” The most notable scene takes place in Hintze Hall which is located at the center of the museum. This grand hall features a stunning blue whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling which serves as a backdrop for several key scenes in the movie.

Other parts of the museum were also used for filming including galleries showcasing birds, mammals, and insects. These areas provided a unique setting for many scenes throughout the movie.


In conclusion, the Natural History Museum has been a popular filming location for many movies including “Paddington.” This iconic museum provided a stunning backdrop for several key scenes in the movie and helped to bring Paddington’s adventures to life. If you’re ever in London, be sure to visit the Natural History Museum and see if you can spot any familiar filming locations from your favorite movies.