What Foods Originated in Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece is known for its art, philosophy, and mythology, but did you know that it has also contributed to the world of food? Greek cuisine has been around for thousands of years, and many of the dishes we enjoy today have their roots in ancient Greece. In this article, we’ll explore some of the foods that originated in this fascinating civilization.


One of the most iconic foods associated with Greece is olives. Ancient Greeks were among the first to cultivate olive trees, and olive oil was a staple in their diet.

Olives were often eaten as a snack or used as an ingredient in various dishes. Today, Greece is still one of the top producers of olives and olive oil in the world.

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is another food that has its origins in ancient Greece. This crumbly cheese made from sheep’s milk was a favorite among Greeks and can be found in many traditional Greek dishes such as spanakopita (spinach pie) and Greek salad. Feta cheese is now enjoyed all over the world and has become a popular ingredient in many different types of cuisine.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another food that originated in ancient Greece. This thick and creamy yogurt was made by straining regular yogurt to remove excess whey, resulting in a more concentrated product with a higher protein content. Greeks often ate yogurt with honey or fruit for breakfast or as a snack.


Honey was highly prized by ancient Greeks for its sweetness and medicinal properties. It was used to sweeten desserts, sauces, and even some savory dishes. Honey was also used as a natural preservative to help preserve foods.


Grapes have been cultivated in Greece since ancient times and were an important crop for winemaking. Greeks enjoyed both red and white wines and often mixed them with water to create a refreshing drink called “symposium.” Today, Greece is still known for its wine production, with many vineyards located throughout the country.


Lamb has been a staple in Greek cuisine for thousands of years. Greeks often roasted or grilled lamb and served it with vegetables and herbs. Today, lamb remains a popular meat in Greek dishes such as moussaka (a layered casserole dish) and souvlaki (grilled skewers of meat).


From olives to feta cheese to Greek yogurt, ancient Greece has left an indelible mark on the world of food. Many of these foods are still enjoyed today and have become staples in cuisines all over the world. So the next time you enjoy a Greek salad or a bowl of Greek yogurt, remember that you’re enjoying a taste of ancient Greece!