What Games Existed in Ancient Greece?

In ancient Greece, games played a significant role in the daily lives of the people. These games served as a form of entertainment, exercise, and even religious practice. Let’s take a closer look at some of the games that existed during this fascinating time.

Athletics and the Olympic Games

Athletics played a central role in ancient Greek society, and one of the most prestigious athletic events was the Olympic Games. Held every four years in Olympia, these games attracted athletes from all over Greece. The events included running races, long jump, discus throw, javelin throw, wrestling, and boxing.

Running Races

Running races were an integral part of the Olympic Games. The most famous race was the stadion race, which involved sprinting for approximately 192 meters. Other races included the diaulos (double stadion), hoplitodromos (race in armor), and dolichos (long-distance race).

Jumping and Throwing

Ancient Greeks also enjoyed various jumping and throwing events. The long jump involved athletes jumping from a standing position with weights in their hands.

The discus throw required competitors to hurl a heavy disk as far as possible. The javelin throw focused on throwing a spear-like object for distance.

Wrestling and Boxing

Wrestling and boxing were popular combat sports during ancient times. Wrestling matches consisted of two opponents trying to pin each other to the ground or force them out of a designated area. Boxing involved fighters using their fists to deliver blows to their opponents while wearing leather straps on their hands for protection.


Pankration was another popular sport combining elements of boxing and wrestling but with very few rules. Participants could strike, kick, and grapple to win the match.

The only prohibited actions were biting and eye-gouging. Pankration was a highly brutal but exciting sport.

Board Games

Apart from physical sports, ancient Greeks also enjoyed board games. One of the most well-known games was “Petteia,” which involved strategizing and capturing opponents’ pieces on a checkered board. Another popular game was “Tropa,” similar to modern-day backgammon but with slight rule variations.

Ball Games

Ancient Greeks engaged in various ball games as well. One of the earliest forms of ball games was “Episkyros,” played by two teams aiming to throw a ball over the heads of their opponents. The game required agility, teamwork, and throwing accuracy.


In ancient Greece, both physical and board games played a significant role in society. They served as a means of entertainment, exercise, and cultural expression. Whether it was the athletic glory at the Olympic Games or the strategic challenges of board games, these activities brought people together and provided enjoyment for all.