What Grade Is Abeka World History and Cultures?

If you’re considering homeschooling your child with Abeka curriculum, you might be wondering what grade level the World History and Cultures course is designed for. This course is a fascinating journey through world history, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of different cultures and their contributions to the world.

Abeka World History and Cultures Overview

Abeka World History and Cultures is designed for high school students in grades 10-12. The course covers ancient civilizations from Mesopotamia to the Roman Empire, medieval times in Europe and Asia, the Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Exploration, and modern history from the 19th century to present day.

Course Content

The course content is presented in an engaging way that encourages critical thinking and analysis. Students will read primary sources such as historical documents, speeches, and biographies that provide firsthand accounts of events throughout history. They will also analyze maps, timelines, graphs, charts, artwork, and artifacts to gain a better understanding of historical events.


Assessments in Abeka World History and Cultures include quizzes, tests, essays, research projects, and oral presentations. These assessments are designed to measure student comprehension of historical events as well as their ability to analyze primary sources critically.

Why Choose Abeka Curriculum?

Abeka curriculum is known for its rigorous academic standards that prepare students for college-level work. This curriculum provides students with a solid foundation in subjects such as math, science, English language arts (ELA), social studies/history while also promoting Christian values.

The Benefits of Homeschooling with Abeka Curriculum

Homeschooling with Abeka curriculum offers many benefits over traditional classroom learning models. Parents can customize the learning experience based on their child’s individual needs while also providing a safe and nurturing environment for learning. Additionally, parents can be more involved in their child’s education, providing guidance and support every step of the way.


Abeka World History and Cultures is an excellent course for high school students that provides a comprehensive overview of world history while promoting critical thinking skills. The curriculum’s rigorous academic standards prepare students for college-level work while also instilling Christian values. Homeschooling with Abeka curriculum offers many benefits over traditional classroom learning models, providing a customized learning experience that helps students reach their full potential.