What Grade Is Abeka World History?

Are you wondering what grade level Abeka World History is appropriate for? Look no further, as we dive into the details of this curriculum.

Abeka World History Overview

Abeka World History is a comprehensive curriculum designed to give students a thorough understanding of world history from a Christian perspective. It covers historical events from Creation to modern times, including ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, and world wars. The curriculum is divided into 9 units with 34 chapters in total.

Grade Level

Abeka World History is typically used for high school students in grades 9-12. However, depending on the student’s ability level and learning pace, it may be suitable for advanced middle school students as well.

Curriculum Components

The Abeka World History curriculum includes a variety of components to aid in student learning and engagement. These include:

  • Textbook: The primary resource for reading and learning about historical events.
  • Teacher’s Guide: Provides lesson plans, teaching strategies, and additional resources for instructors.
  • Tests/Quizzes: Assessments to measure student understanding and retention of material.
  • Maps/Charts: Visual aids that help students understand geographic locations and historical timelines.

What Makes Abeka World History Unique?

One of the unique features of Abeka World History is its Christian perspective. This means that events are analyzed through a biblical lens, allowing students to see how God has worked throughout history. Additionally, the curriculum emphasizes critical thinking skills by encouraging students to analyze primary sources and draw their own conclusions about historical events.


In conclusion, Abeka World History is an excellent curriculum choice for high school students looking to gain a thorough understanding of world history from a Christian perspective. With its comprehensive coverage of historical events and unique features, it is sure to engage students and foster a love for learning about the past.