What Grades Do You Learn World History?

If you’re someone who enjoys learning about different cultures, customs, and traditions, then world history might be the perfect subject for you. But at what grade level do students typically start learning about world history?

Elementary School:

Most elementary schools don’t have a specific world history curriculum. However, they do teach students about important historical figures and events such as Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King Jr., and the American Revolution. Students also learn about different cultures through social studies lessons that cover topics like food, clothing, music, and holidays.

Middle School:

Middle school is when students usually begin to learn more in-depth about world history. They learn about the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

They also study the Middle Ages, the Renaissance period, and European exploration. During this time period, students are introduced to concepts such as feudalism, serfdoms, and monarchies.

High School:

In high school, students delve deeper into the complexities of world history. They learn about more recent events such as World War I and II along with the Cold War era.

Additionally, they study topics like imperialism and colonialism in Africa and Asia. Students also explore current events such as globalization, terrorism and how they affect the world today.

AP World History:

Advanced Placement (AP) World History is a rigorous college-level course that high school students can take to earn college credit. The course covers everything from prehistoric times to present-day events around the globe in an in-depth manner.

In Conclusion:

In summary while there’s no specific grade level for learning world history since it varies depending on your educational system or institution but most commonly middle school is where it starts getting serious with more advanced topics being taught in high school as well as AP courses for those who want to pursue higher education in this field. Regardless of where you start, world history is a fascinating subject that teaches students about the complexities of our global society and the events that shaped it.