What Hair Color Was Common in Ancient Greece?

The ancient Greeks were known for their contributions to art, philosophy, and science. They were also known for their unique culture, including their fashion and beauty trends. One aspect of Greek beauty that is often overlooked is their hair color.

Hair color was not as important in ancient Greece as it is today. Unlike modern times, where people dye their hair various colors to express themselves or follow the latest trends, the ancient Greeks rarely altered their natural hair color.

The most common hair color in ancient Greece was black. This was because the majority of Greeks had dark hair due to their genetic makeup. However, lighter shades of brown and blonde were not uncommon either.

There were no chemical dyes or treatments available during this time period, so any changes to hair color would have been achieved through natural methods. For example, some women would lighten their hair by exposing it to the sun for extended periods of time.

Hairstyles were more important than hair color in ancient Greece. Women often wore elaborate updos adorned with jewelry and other accessories. Men typically kept their hair short and well-groomed.

In conclusion, while there was no specific hair color that was common in ancient Greece, black was the most prevalent due to genetics. Hair color was not a significant factor in Greek beauty standards at the time, with hairstyles being more important for both men and women.