What Hairstyles Were Common in Ancient Greece?

Hairstyles have been an important part of human culture and history for thousands of years. Ancient Greece is no exception.

The hairstyles of ancient Greece were not only practical but also had cultural and social significance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common hairstyles during ancient Greece.

Long Hair

In ancient Greece, long hair was considered a symbol of beauty and femininity. Women would often wear their hair long and straight or with gentle waves. They would also sometimes braid their hair or tie it back into a simple ponytail.

For men, long hair was also popular, especially among the aristocracy. Men’s long hair would often be styled in loose curls or tied back in a low ponytail.


The chignon was a popular hairstyle among women in ancient Greece. It involved twisting the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck and securing it with pins or clips. This hairstyle was often adorned with ribbons, jewels, or flowers.


Braids were another common hairstyle for women in ancient Greece. They would braid their hair into intricate patterns and styles, such as the crown braid or the milkmaid braid. These braids were often decorated with ribbons or gold thread.

Short Hair

While long hair was considered desirable for both men and women, short hair was not uncommon either. Women who worked in fields or engaged in sports would often cut their hair short for practical reasons.

For men, short hair was more common among soldiers as it made it easier to wear helmets during battle.


Hairstyles were an important part of daily life in ancient Greece. They not only reflected cultural norms but also expressed individuality and style. From long flowing locks to intricate braids and elegant chignons, hairstyles in ancient Greece were both practical and fashionable.