What Happened in the 40 Days After Jesus Resurrection?

After Jesus’ death on the cross, his followers were devastated and unsure of what to do next. But just as he had promised, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. This event, known as the Resurrection, is the cornerstone of the Christian faith.

But what happened in the 40 days after Jesus’ Resurrection? According to the Bible, Jesus appeared to his disciples and others multiple times during this period.

The First Appearance

The first appearance was to Mary Magdalene at his tomb. She was weeping outside when she saw two angels who asked why she was crying.

She turned around and saw Jesus, but at first did not recognize him. When he called her name, she realized it was him and fell at his feet to worship him.

Appearance to Disciples

Jesus then appeared to the disciples without Thomas present and ate a meal with them. He showed them his hands and side so they could see that he was truly resurrected. A week later he appeared again to all of them, including Thomas.

The Road to Emmaus

Two disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus when Jesus appeared to them, but they did not recognize him. He walked with them and explained how all of scripture pointed towards him being the Messiah. When they arrived at their destination and sat down for a meal, he broke bread with them and then they recognized him.

Appearance by Sea of Tiberias

Peter decided to go fishing with some other disciples by the Sea of Tiberias. They fished all night but caught nothing until Jesus told them from shore where to cast their nets.

They caught so many fish that their nets began breaking. When they got back ashore, Jesus had breakfast prepared for them.

The Ascension

After 40 days of appearing to his followers, Jesus led them to the Mount of Olives and then ascended into heaven. As he was leaving, he told them to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to come upon them.


The 40 days after Jesus’ Resurrection were a pivotal time for his followers. His appearances helped solidify their belief in him as the Messiah and gave them hope for the future. The events that took place during this time continue to be celebrated by Christians around the world as a testament to Jesus’ power and love.