What Happened to History of the World Part 2?

If you are a fan of Mel Brooks, then you must have heard about his 1981 film, “History of the World Part 1”. The movie was a hilarious satire that took on various historical events and figures.

However, despite its success, there was never a sequel. Fans have been wondering for years – what happened to History of the World Part 2?

The Promise of a Sequel

After the release of the first movie, Brooks had mentioned in interviews that he was interested in making a sequel. He even hinted at potential topics and eras that he could take on. Fans were excited to see what kind of humor he would bring to these events.

However, as time passed, it became clear that the sequel was not going to happen anytime soon.

The Challenges Faced by Mel Brooks

One reason why Brooks may not have pursued the sequel is due to the challenges he faced while making the first film. “History of the World Part 1” was not an easy movie to create. It required extensive research into various historical periods and figures and a lot of work went into creating accurate sets and costumes.

Moreover, Brooks had also faced criticism for some of his portrayal of certain historical events in his films. For example, some Jewish groups had criticized him for his use of Nazi humor in “The Producers”. This may have made him hesitant to tackle any more sensitive topics.

Another Reason: Financial Success or Lack Thereof

Another reason why History of the World Part 2 may not have been made is due to financial reasons. While the first movie did relatively well at the box office, it did not perform as well as some other comedies released around that time.

Moreover, Brooks’ other films during this period were also met with mixed reviews and box office results. This may have made studios hesitant to finance another Mel Brooks film.

The Legacy of History of the World Part 1

While we may never see a sequel to “History of the World Part 1”, its legacy lives on. The movie has become a cult classic and is still beloved by fans today.

Moreover, many other comedies and satires have been inspired by Brooks’ work. His style of humor remains influential in the entertainment industry, and his impact can still be felt in modern-day comedies.


In conclusion, while fans may have been disappointed that a sequel to “History of the World Part 1” was never made, there were several reasons why it did not come to fruition. However, the impact that Brooks’ work has had on the entertainment industry cannot be denied, and his legacy will continue to live on for years to come.