What Happened to Mary Magdalene After the Resurrection of Jesus?

After the resurrection of Jesus, many questions arose about what happened to his followers, including Mary Magdalene. The Bible provides some clues, but there is still much speculation and debate. Let’s explore what we know and what we can infer about Mary Magdalene’s life after the resurrection.

Who Was Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene is one of the most well-known figures in Christianity. She was a follower of Jesus and is mentioned in all four gospels as being present at the crucifixion and resurrection. In some traditions, she is also known as a repentant sinner who was forgiven by Jesus.

The Resurrection

According to the Bible, Mary Magdalene was one of the first people to discover that Jesus had risen from the dead. She went to his tomb early on Sunday morning with other women to anoint his body with spices.

When they arrived, they found that the stone covering the tomb had been rolled away. Inside, they found two angels who told them that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Meeting with Jesus

After seeing the empty tomb, Mary Magdalene encountered Jesus himself. In John 20:14-18, it says that she initially mistook him for a gardener until he called her by name.

She then recognized him and exclaimed “Rabboni!” which means “teacher” in Hebrew.

Jesus told her not to cling to him because he had not yet ascended to his Father. He instructed her to go and tell his disciples that he had risen from the dead.

Later Life

Beyond these accounts, there is little information about Mary Magdalene’s later life in the Bible. However, there are various traditions and legends about her life after the resurrection.

Some early Christian texts suggest that she traveled with other disciples spreading the gospel message. In the Gospel of Mary, for example, she is portrayed as a visionary leader who receives secret teachings from Jesus and shares them with the other disciples.

Other traditions suggest that she went to live as a hermit in the desert, devoting herself to prayer and contemplation. According to one legend, she was sustained by angels who brought her food and drink.


In conclusion, Mary Magdalene played a significant role in the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. She was one of the first witnesses to his resurrection and was given the important task of telling others about it. While there is little information about her later life, various traditions suggest that she continued to be an important figure in early Christianity.

As we reflect on her story, we can learn much about faith, courage, and devotion. Mary Magdalene’s example reminds us to be open to unexpected encounters with God and to boldly share our experiences with others.