What Happened to Native American History?

Native American history is a rich and complex story that spans thousands of years. It is a story of resilience, struggle, and survival in the face of colonization, displacement, and genocide. Despite the significant contributions and sacrifices made by Native Americans to shape the history of North America, their stories have been largely erased from mainstream narratives.

The Erasure of Native American History

The erasure of Native American history began with the arrival of European colonizers in the Americas. These colonizers brought with them a worldview that saw Indigenous peoples as inferior and uncivilized. They sought to dominate and exploit these communities for their own economic gain.

One way they achieved this was by suppressing Native American languages, cultures, and traditions. They forced Indigenous children to attend boarding schools where they were punished for speaking their native languages or practicing their cultural traditions.

This suppression extended to historical records as well. Many early European historians either ignored or distorted Native American history to fit their own biased perspectives. As a result, many important events and figures in Native American history have been lost or overlooked.

The Importance of Reclaiming Native American History

It is crucial that we reclaim Native American history for several reasons. First and foremost, it is important to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices made by Indigenous peoples to shape North America’s past and present.

Reclaiming this history also helps us understand the ongoing struggles and challenges faced by Native communities today. From environmental degradation to systemic racism, many issues facing Indigenous peoples can be traced back to historical injustices.

Additionally, learning about Native American history can broaden our understanding of what it means to be an American. It challenges the dominant narrative that defines America solely through the lens of Eurocentric experiences.

  • How We Can Reclaim Native American History

There are several ways we can work towards reclaiming Native American history:

Support Native American Scholars and Historians

Native American scholars and historians are working tirelessly to uncover and share the stories of their ancestors. By supporting their work through purchasing their books, attending lectures, and sharing their work with others, we can help amplify these voices.

Learn from Native American Communities

One of the best ways to learn about Native American history is by connecting with Indigenous communities. Many tribes offer cultural events, storytelling sessions, and educational programs that provide a firsthand perspective on their history and traditions.

Incorporate Native American History into Education

The erasure of Native American history often begins in schools. By incorporating accurate and comprehensive information about Native Americans into school curriculums, we can help ensure that future generations have a more complete understanding of North America’s past.


Reclaiming Native American history is an ongoing process that requires the collective effort of all Americans. By acknowledging the contributions and struggles of Indigenous peoples, we can work towards a more just and equitable future for all.