What Happened to the 70 Disciples of Jesus?

The New Testament of the Bible tells us that Jesus had 12 apostles whom he chose to be his closest followers and friends. However, in addition to these 12, there were also 70 disciples that were sent out by Jesus on a mission to spread his teachings.

But what happened to these 70 disciples after Jesus’ death and resurrection Let’s take a closer look.

The biblical account of the 70 disciples can be found in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 10. According to this passage, Jesus sent out these disciples in pairs to go ahead of him into the towns and villages he planned to visit. He instructed them to heal the sick and proclaim that the kingdom of God was near.

After their successful mission, the disciples returned to Jesus with joy, reporting that they had even been able to cast out demons in his name. However, beyond this brief account we are left with little information about what happened next.

Some biblical scholars believe that some of these 70 disciples may have become leaders within early Christian communities, spreading Jesus’ teachings far and wide. Others suggest that many may have simply returned to their former lives as fishermen or farmers.

One disciple who is mentioned by name is James, son of Alphaeus. He is sometimes referred to as “James the Less” (not because he was less important but because he was younger than another disciple named James). According to tradition, James later became a bishop and was martyred for his faith in Persia.

Another disciple mentioned by name is Philip. In Acts chapter 8 we learn that Philip went on to become an evangelist, preaching in Samaria and baptizing many people there.

Beyond these few references it is difficult to say for certain what happened to the other 68 disciples. However, their role in spreading Jesus’ message should not be underestimated. Without their efforts it is unlikely that Christianity would have spread as far and wide as it did in the centuries that followed.

In conclusion, while we may not know exactly what happened to the 70 disciples of Jesus after their mission, we can be sure that they played a vital role in spreading his teachings and shaping the early Christian church. Their legacy lives on today in the millions of Christians around the world who continue to follow Jesus’ message of love, peace, and salvation.