What Happened When Jesus Came Back to Life?

When Jesus was crucified, his followers were devastated. They had believed that he was the Messiah, the son of God, and they had hoped that he would save them from their oppressors. However, when he died on the cross, their hopes were shattered.

But then something incredible happened: Jesus came back to life.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection of Jesus is one of the most significant events in Christian history. It is the foundation of Christian faith and serves as a symbol of hope and redemption for believers around the world.

According to the Bible, after Jesus was buried in a tomb for three days, he rose from the dead. His resurrection was witnessed by many people, including his disciples and followers.

What Happened When Jesus Came Back to Life?

When Jesus came back to life, his followers were overjoyed. They could hardly believe what they were seeing. But this event wasn’t just a miracle; it had significant implications for their lives and for humanity as a whole.

Here are some of the things that happened when Jesus came back to life:

1. He Proved That He Was God’s Son

One of the primary reasons why Jesus’ resurrection was so significant is that it proved that he was God’s son. Throughout his ministry, Jesus had claimed to be divine – but many people didn’t believe him.

However, when he rose from the dead, there could be no doubt about who he was. His resurrection validated everything that he had said and done during his time on earth.

2. He Defeated Death

Another important consequence of Jesus’ resurrection is that it defeated death itself. For Christians, death is no longer something to be feared because they believe that they too will rise again after they die.

Jesus’ resurrection demonstrated that death has no power over those who believe in him. It gave Christians hope that they too would be resurrected and would live forever in God’s presence.

3. He Offered Redemption

Perhaps the most important thing that happened when Jesus came back to life is that he offered redemption to all people. By dying on the cross and rising again, he paid the price for the sins of humanity.

Through faith in Jesus, people could be forgiven for their sins and reconciled with God. This offer of redemption was open to everyone, regardless of their past or their background.


The resurrection of Jesus Christ was a momentous event that changed the course of human history. It proved that Jesus was who he claimed to be – God’s son – and it offered hope and redemption to all people.

Today, Christians around the world celebrate this event every year at Easter time. They remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his triumph over death. And they look forward to the day when they too will be resurrected and will live forever in God’s presence.