What Happened When Jesus Chose His Disciples?

When Jesus first began his ministry, one of the most important decisions he had to make was choosing his disciples. These were the individuals who would accompany him on his journey, learn from him, and ultimately spread his teachings to the world.

Who Were the Disciples?

Jesus chose twelve men as his disciples, and each one had their own unique background and story. Some were fishermen, while others were tax collectors or even zealots. Despite their differences, they all shared a common goal: to follow Jesus and learn from him.

Simon Peter
One of the most well-known disciples was Simon Peter, who would eventually become a leader in the early Christian church. Peter was a fisherman before he met Jesus and was known for his impulsive nature.

James and John
Another pair of disciples were James and John, who were brothers that also worked as fishermen. They were known for their fiery personalities and even earned the nickname “Sons of Thunder.”

Judas Iscariot
The most infamous disciple was Judas Iscariot, who would eventually betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Despite being one of Jesus’ closest companions, Judas ultimately proved to be disloyal.

Why Did Jesus Choose These Men?

Jesus’ decision to choose these particular individuals as his disciples was not arbitrary. He selected them based on their character, strengths, and potential to spread his message.

Their Character

Jesus knew that these men had humble hearts and a genuine desire to follow him. They were willing to leave everything behind – their families, jobs, and possessions – in order to learn from him.

Their Strengths

Each disciple had unique strengths that would prove useful in spreading Jesus’ message. For example, Peter’s leadership skills would later be crucial in establishing the Christian church.

Their Potential to Spread His Message

Jesus knew that these twelve men would become his ambassadors, spreading his teachings to the world long after he was gone. They were the foundation of the early Christian church and helped to establish Christianity as a major world religion.


In choosing his disciples, Jesus showed us the importance of selecting individuals who are humble, dedicated, and have the potential to make a difference. These twelve men went on to change the course of history, spreading Jesus’ message of love and redemption to all who would listen.