What Happened With History of the World, Part II?

History of the World, Part II was a highly anticipated sequel to the 1981 comedy film, History of the World, Part I. Directed and produced by Mel Brooks, the first film was a hilarious satire on history that left audiences in stitches. Naturally, fans were excited to see what Brooks had in store for the sequel.

However, despite all the hype surrounding it, History of the World, Part II never came to fruition. So what happened?

The Initial Plans for History of the World, Part II

After the success of History of the World, Part I, Mel Brooks announced plans for a sequel. In an interview with The New York Times in 1983, he revealed that he had already written a script for it and had begun casting. The movie was supposed to be split into three segments: “Hitler on Ice,” “Jews in Space,” and “The French Revolution.”

However, as time went on, things started to fall apart.

The Challenges Faced by Brooks

One major challenge that Mel Brooks faced was finding funding for the movie. Despite his previous successes as a filmmaker and comedian, studios were hesitant to invest in another big-budget comedy film.

Another issue was casting. Some actors from History of the World, Part I were no longer available due to other commitments or scheduling conflicts.

Furthermore, some critics and audiences felt that History of the World, Part I had already covered enough ground when it came to satirizing history. They wondered if there was really anything left to explore.

The Abandonment of History of the World, Part II

Due to these challenges and other factors like creative differences with studios and cast members dropping out at various stages of production – including Richard Pryor who was supposed to play multiple roles – Mel Brooks ultimately decided not to move forward with History of the World, Part II.

Instead he went on to work on other projects, including the 1987 hit film Spaceballs, which was a science-fiction parody film.


In conclusion, while fans of History of the World, Part I may have been disappointed that a sequel was never made, it’s important to recognize the various challenges and obstacles that Mel Brooks faced. Despite his best efforts, sometimes creative projects just don’t come to fruition.

As for Mel Brooks himself, he has continued to make audiences laugh with his unique brand of humor in various other films and television shows. And who knows? Maybe one day he’ll surprise us all with a History of the World, Part II after all – but until then we can still enjoy his other works.