What Happens on the Last Week of Jesus Life?

The last week of Jesus’ life is commonly referred to as the Holy Week, which begins with Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. This week is considered to be one of the most significant in the Christian calendar.

It is a time when Christians reflect on Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection. Let’s take a closer look at what happened during this eventful week.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. It commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey while people waved palm branches in his honor. The people of Jerusalem welcomed him with shouts of “Hosanna” and hailed him as the Messiah.

Monday and Tuesday

After his entry into Jerusalem, Jesus went to the temple where he taught the people about God’s kingdom. He also challenged the religious leaders, exposing their hypocrisy and greed.


On Wednesday, Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus’ disciples, agreed to betray him to the authorities for thirty pieces of silver. This was done in secret.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday commemorates Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. During this meal, he instituted the sacrament of Holy Communion or Eucharist. He washed his disciples’ feet as a sign of humility and love.

After this meal, Jesus went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane where he was arrested by soldiers under Judas’ guidance.

Good Friday

Good Friday marks the day when Jesus was crucified at Calvary. He was tortured and mocked by Roman soldiers before being nailed to a cross. His death on that day was a sacrifice for humanity’s sins.

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is a day for mourning and reflection on Jesus’ death. It is a time to remember that Jesus’ body was placed in a tomb, and his followers mourned his loss.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday marks the end of Holy Week. It is a day of celebration because Jesus rose from the dead, conquering death and sin. His resurrection brings hope to all Christians that there is life beyond death.


In conclusion, Holy Week is a significant event in the Christian calendar. It is a time when Christians remember Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection. Each day of Holy Week has its significance, and it is essential to reflect on them to understand the depth of God’s love for humanity.