What Is a Natural History of Dragons About?

If you’re a fan of fantasy literature and love dragons, then “A Natural History of Dragons” is a book that you must read. This book is written by Marie Brennan and it explores the world of dragons through the eyes of a naturalist.

What is ‘A Natural History of Dragons’?

“A Natural History of Dragons” is a novel that takes place in an alternative world where dragons exist. The story follows the life of Lady Trent, an elderly woman who has dedicated her life to the study and exploration of dragons. The book is presented as her memoirs, which detail her adventures and discoveries over the course of her career.

The Plot

The novel begins with Lady Trent’s childhood fascination with dragons and how that fascination shaped her life. She eventually marries and has a child but never loses her interest in these mythical creatures. She becomes determined to learn more about them, despite societal expectations that women should not engage in such pursuits.

Lady Trent’s journey takes her to different parts of the world where she observes different species of dragons. Throughout her travels, she encounters various obstacles and challenges, including political turmoil and dangerous creatures. Along the way, she also meets other dragon enthusiasts who share her passion for these magnificent creatures.


One major theme in “A Natural History of Dragons” is the role of women in society. Lady Trent defies traditional gender roles by pursuing a career as a naturalist at a time when women were expected to be wives and mothers only.

Another theme is the importance of curiosity and scientific inquiry. Lady Trent’s passion for dragons drives her to seek out knowledge about them, even when faced with danger or disapproval from others.


In conclusion, “A Natural History of Dragons” is an engaging novel for anyone who loves fantasy literature or has an interest in mythical creatures. The book is expertly written and incorporates scientific concepts in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

The story is not just about dragons, but also about the power of curiosity, perseverance, and breaking societal norms. So, go ahead and dive into this fascinating world of dragons with Lady Trent.