What Is American Legion Oral History Project?

The American Legion Oral History Project is a unique initiative that aims to document the experiences and stories of American veterans from all walks of life. This project was launched by The American Legion, a non-profit organization that has been serving veterans and their families since 1919.

The Purpose of the Oral History Project
The primary goal of the American Legion Oral History Project is to preserve the rich and diverse history of American veterans. Through this project, The American Legion strives to create a comprehensive archive of interviews, photographs, and other relevant materials that can be accessed by researchers, historians, educators, and the general public.

How Does it Work?
The Oral History Project collects interviews with veterans from all branches of the military who have served in any capacity – whether during wartime or peacetime. These interviews are conducted by trained volunteers who ask questions about the veteran’s life in the military, their experiences during deployment, and their transition back into civilian life.

  • The interviews are recorded and transcribed for accuracy.
  • Each interview is then cataloged and archived for future generations to access.
  • In addition to collecting oral histories, The American Legion also works to digitize historical documents related to veterans’ experiences.

Why is it Important?

The American Legion Oral History Project serves as an essential resource for students, researchers, and historians interested in learning about the experiences of American veterans. By documenting these stories firsthand, the project provides insight into what life was like in different wars and conflicts from a personal perspective.


  • The project gives a voice to those who may have been overlooked or forgotten by traditional history books.
  • It helps bridge the gap between generations by promoting dialogue between veterans and younger Americans.
  • It preserves the memory of those who have served our country and helps us understand the sacrifices they made.
  • Finally, it honors the legacy of American veterans by ensuring that their stories are never forgotten.

How Can You Get Involved?

The American Legion Oral History Project relies on volunteers to conduct interviews, transcribe recordings, and organize archives. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact your local American Legion chapter to find out how you can help.

In conclusion, the American Legion Oral History Project serves as an invaluable resource for preserving the stories and experiences of American veterans. By documenting these firsthand accounts, we can better understand the sacrifices they made and ensure that their legacy lives on for future generations.