What Is Called Ancient Civilization?

Ancient civilization is a term that encompasses the societies and cultures of the past. These civilizations were characterized by their advanced technologies, complex social structures, and unique cultural practices. In this article, we will explore what is meant by the term “ancient civilization” and delve into some of the most fascinating examples from history.

What is an Ancient Civilization?

An ancient civilization can be defined as a complex society that has developed a high level of culture and technology. These societies often have a well-defined system of government, religion, and social hierarchy. They also have impressive architectural achievements, such as temples, palaces, and city structures.

Characteristics of an Ancient Civilization

One of the key characteristics of ancient civilizations is their advanced technology. Many ancient civilizations developed new technologies that allowed them to thrive in their environments. For example, the ancient Egyptians developed irrigation systems to help them farm in the desert; while the ancient Greeks developed advanced shipbuilding techniques that allowed them to become a dominant naval power.

Another hallmark of ancient civilizations was their complex social structures. These societies were often divided into classes or castes based on factors such as wealth, occupation, or birthright. The ruling class typically held significant power over society and often had religious or divine backing for their authority.

Religion was also an important aspect of many ancient civilizations. Religion played a central role in shaping cultural practices and beliefs. In some cases, religious leaders held significant political power as well.

Ancient Civilizations Throughout History

There are many examples of ancient civilizations throughout history. Some of the most famous include:

  • The Ancient Egyptians: Known for their impressive pyramids, hieroglyphics, and mummification practices.
  • The Ancient Greeks: Famous for their contributions to philosophy, art, and architecture.
  • The Ancient Romans: Known for their massive empire, aqueducts, and legal system.
  • The Maya Civilization: Known for their impressive architecture, writing system, and advanced understanding of astronomy.
  • The Inca Empire: Known for their impressive road system, agriculture techniques, and monumental architecture.


In conclusion, an ancient civilization is a complex society that has developed a high level of culture and technology.

Throughout history, there have been many examples of ancient civilizations that have left lasting legacies in the fields of art, architecture, philosophy, and more. By studying these civilizations, we can gain a better understanding of our shared human history.