What Is Displayed at the Natural History Museum?

The Natural History Museum is a popular attraction for people of all ages. It’s a place where you can learn about the history of our planet, its inhabitants, and the natural phenomena that have shaped it over millions of years.

This museum features an extensive collection of exhibits that showcase different aspects of the natural world. From fossils to dioramas, there is something here for everyone.


The museum is divided into several sections, each one dedicated to a specific topic or theme. The most popular exhibits include:


The dinosaur exhibit is one of the most popular attractions at the museum. Here you can see life-sized skeletons and models of the most well-known dinosaurs such as the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops. You can also learn about their habitats and how they went extinct.

Gems and Minerals

This exhibit showcases a vast collection of precious stones and minerals from around the world. You can see some of the largest diamonds ever discovered and learn how they are formed.


Here you can see a wide variety of mammals from all over the world. From elephants to whales, this exhibit showcases animals both big and small.

Ocean Life

This exhibit takes you on a journey through our oceans. You can see life-sized models of whales, dolphins, sharks, and other sea creatures in their natural habitats.

  • Tip: Don’t forget to check out the interactive displays! They provide an immersive experience that makes learning fun.
  • Tip: The museum offers guided tours for visitors who want to learn more about specific topics or exhibits.

The Building

The Natural History Museum building itself is also a work of art. The architecture is stunning, with intricate carvings and sculptures adorning the exterior. Inside, the ceilings are adorned with beautiful paintings and murals that depict different aspects of the natural world.

If you’re planning to visit the Natural History Museum, make sure to set aside enough time to see everything. With so much to see and learn, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to explore all of the exhibits. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or just looking for a fun family outing, the Natural History Museum is definitely worth a visit!