What Is Security and Protection in Ancient Times?

Security and protection have been a significant concern of humans since ancient times. The need for security arose from the fear of attacks from other tribes, animals, and environmental factors.

Ancient people used various techniques to safeguard themselves and their possessions. This article explores the security and protection methods in ancient times.


One of the primary methods of securing a settlement was through fortification. Fortifications were built with natural or man-made materials and provided a barrier to attackers.

Walls made of stone or brick were common in ancient cities, while wooden barricades were used in rural areas. These walls were often reinforced with towers that allowed defenders to observe and respond to attacks.


Moats were another common feature of fortifications. They were trenches dug around the walls, usually filled with water, making it difficult for attackers to approach the walls directly. Moats also prevented tunneling under the walls by attackers.


Military strength was critical in ancient times for territorial expansion and defense against external threats. Armies were raised by tribes or kingdoms to protect themselves from neighboring enemies or conquer new territories.


Weapons such as spears, swords, bows and arrows, and shields were commonly used by soldiers during battles. These weapons gave soldiers an advantage over their enemies.


Tactics also played a significant role in military campaigns. Soldiers were trained on how to fight in formation, use terrain effectively, and encircle their enemies.


Ancient people also used surveillance techniques as a means of protection against external threats.


Sentries were posted at strategic locations to keep an eye on approaching enemies or any other unusual activity.


Watchtowers offered panoramic views of the surrounding areas and were used to spot any incoming danger. These towers were often built on higher ground to provide a better view.


In conclusion, ancient people used various techniques such as fortification, military strength, and surveillance to protect themselves and their possessions. These methods were effective in ensuring safety to a certain extent, but they had their limitations.

As societies evolved, so did the methods of security and protection. Today, technology has revolutionized the way we think about security and protection. Nevertheless, the ancient techniques still provide valuable insights into how humans have sought security throughout history.