What Is the Ancient Roman Civilization Known For?

The ancient Roman civilization is known for its contributions to the world in various fields, including art, architecture, law, philosophy, language, and engineering. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this civilization so remarkable.

Art and Architecture

One of the most significant contributions of the Roman civilization is its art and architecture. Romans were known for their grand structures such as aqueducts, amphitheaters, temples, and public baths.

The Colosseum in Rome is an iconic example of Roman architecture that still stands today. The Romans also developed a unique style of painting called fresco that involved painting on wet plaster.

Law and Governance

The ancient Romans are also known for their legal system and governance. They introduced the concept of written laws that applied equally to all citizens.

The Twelve Tables was the first written code of law that established the rights and duties of citizens. The Romans also had a republican form of government where people elected officials to represent them in decision-making.


Roman philosophy was heavily influenced by Greek philosophy but had its own unique perspective. Roman philosophers believed in practical wisdom and emphasized virtues such as courage, justice, temperance, and wisdom. Seneca and Cicero are two notable Roman philosophers whose works continue to influence contemporary thought.


The Latin language that originated in ancient Rome has had a profound impact on Western languages. Many modern European languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese have roots in Latin. Latin was also used as the language of scholarship throughout Europe until the 18th century.


Roman engineers were responsible for many significant innovations such as aqueducts that transported water over long distances using gravity. They also developed road systems that connected different parts of the empire for trade and military purposes. The Romans are also credited with inventing concrete, which was used to build durable structures that still stand today.


The ancient Roman civilization has left a lasting impression on the world in various fields. From grand architecture to legal systems, from language to engineering, the Romans have made significant contributions that continue to influence contemporary society. Understanding their legacy is essential in understanding our own modern world.