What Is the Average AP World History Score?

If you’re planning to take the AP World History exam, one of the most common questions that comes to mind is what the average score is for this test. Knowing the average score can help you understand how well you need to perform in order to achieve your desired score. In this article, we’ll dive into what the average AP World History score is and what it means for you.

What Is the AP World History Exam?

Before we delve into the average score for this exam, let’s first understand what this exam is all about. The AP World History exam is a standardized test that assesses your knowledge of world history from prehistory to present day. The exam consists of two sections: multiple-choice and free-response.

The multiple-choice section consists of 55 questions, each with four answer choices. You have 55 minutes to complete this section, which accounts for 40% of your overall score.

The free-response section consists of three essay questions – one document-based question (DBQ), one change-over-time essay, and one comparative essay. You have two hours and 10 minutes to complete this section, which accounts for 60% of your overall score.

What Is the Average AP World History Score?

According to data released by College Board in 2021, the average AP World History score in 2020 was a 2.63 out of a possible 5. This means that most students who took the exam scored below a passing grade.

It’s important to note that scoring a 3 or higher on an AP exam is considered a passing grade and can earn you college credit depending on the policies of your chosen college or university.

What Does This Mean For You?

Knowing that most students who take this exam don’t pass can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t discourage you from taking it if you feel prepared. However, it’s important to set realistic goals and expectations for yourself.

If you’re aiming for a passing score of 3 or higher, you’ll need to perform better than the average test-taker. This means that you should aim to score at least a 3 or 4 on the exam.

To do this, it’s crucial to prepare adequately for the exam. This includes studying consistently throughout the year, practicing with past exams and questions, and seeking help from your teacher or AP World History tutor if needed.


In summary, the average AP World History score is a 2.63 out of 5. While this may seem disheartening, it’s important to remember that with proper preparation and study habits, you can achieve a passing grade on this exam. Don’t let the average score discourage you from taking this challenging but rewarding test.