What Is the Beginning of the Story of Life of Jesus Christ?

The story of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity, is one that has been told and retold for over two thousand years. It begins with his birth in Bethlehem, a small town in Judea, and spans his life until his crucifixion and resurrection. Let’s take a closer look at the beginning of this incredible story.

The Annunciation

According to the Christian Bible, the story of Jesus’ life begins with an incredible event known as the Annunciation. This was when an angel named Gabriel appeared to a young Jewish woman named Mary and told her that she had been chosen by God to give birth to a son who would be called Jesus (Luke 1:26-38).

It is worth noting that many Christians believe that Jesus was not only the son of Mary but also the Son of God.

Mary’s Response

Mary was understandably shocked by this news but ultimately accepted her role in God’s plan. She responded to Gabriel by saying, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38).

This response has become known as Mary’s Fiat and is often seen as an example of humble obedience.

The Nativity

Nine months later, Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem because there was no room for them in any inn (Luke 2:7). This event is known as the Nativity and is celebrated by Christians around the world each year on December 25th.

It is worth noting that some scholars believe that Jesus may have been born in the spring or summer rather than winter.

The Shepherds

After Jesus was born, an angel appeared to some shepherds who were tending their flocks nearby. The angel told them that a savior had been born and instructed them to go and see the baby. The shepherds followed the angel’s instructions and found Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the stable (Luke 2:8-20).

This event is seen as an example of how God revealed the birth of Jesus to ordinary people rather than those in positions of power or influence.

The Wise Men

Some time later, a group of wise men or magi arrived in Bethlehem after following a star that they believed signaled the birth of a king. They asked King Herod where they could find this king but Herod was disturbed by this news and asked his advisors about it. They told him that a prophecy said that a ruler would come from Bethlehem (Matthew 2:1-6).

The wise men eventually found Jesus and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. However, they were warned in a dream not to return to Herod so they left for their own country by another route (Matthew 2:11-12).

This event is seen as an example of how Jesus’ birth was not only significant to the Jewish people but also to people from other cultures.


In conclusion, the beginning of the story of Jesus’ life is marked by incredible events such as the Annunciation, Nativity, and visits from shepherds and wise men. These events set the stage for one of the most remarkable stories ever told – one that has inspired countless people throughout history to strive for humility, obedience, and faithfulness.