What Is the Best Describes Ancient Civilization?

Ancient civilization refers to the complex societies that emerged in various parts of the world before the Middle Ages. These civilizations were characterized by their advanced social, economic, and cultural structures. In this article, we will explore what best describes ancient civilization.

Social Structure

One of the defining features of ancient civilizations was their social structure. Typically, societies were hierarchical, with rulers or leaders at the top and commoners at the bottom.

The rulers were often seen as divine or semi-divine figures who had absolute power over their subjects. This was especially true in places like Egypt and China.

However, not all ancient civilizations were structured in this way. In some cases, societies were more egalitarian, with power being shared among different groups. For example, the Maya civilization in Central America had a complex system of governance that involved various levels of leadership.

Technological Advancements

Another hallmark of ancient civilizations was their technological advancements. Many societies developed sophisticated tools and techniques for agriculture, construction, and warfare. For instance, the Romans built roads and aqueducts that are still standing today.

In many cases, these advances were driven by a need to adapt to local conditions. For example, the Incas in South America developed terrace farming techniques to cultivate crops on steep mountain slopes.

Art and Culture

Ancient civilizations also produced some of the world’s most enduring art and cultural traditions. From monumental architecture to intricate pottery and textiles, these societies left behind an impressive legacy.

Religion played a central role in many ancient cultures as well. In places like Egypt and Greece, gods and goddesses were worshipped through elaborate rituals and ceremonies.

Economic Systems

Finally, ancient civilizations had complex economic systems that allowed them to thrive for centuries. Trade networks connected different regions of the world together, allowing goods and ideas to flow freely.

Some societies, like the Maya and Aztecs, even used a form of currency to facilitate trade. In other cases, bartering was the norm.


In conclusion, ancient civilizations were remarkable in their complexity and sophistication. From social structures to technological advancements, art and culture to economic systems, these societies have left an indelible mark on human history. While they may no longer exist in their original form, their legacy continues to inspire us today.