What Is the Celebration for Jesus Resurrection?

The celebration for Jesus’s resurrection, also known as Easter, is a significant event in the Christian calendar. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead after his crucifixion on Good Friday. This holiday is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and excitement.

History and Significance

Easter Sunday is considered the most important day in the Christian faith as it marks the triumph of life over death. It is believed that Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday and buried in a tomb. On the third day, which is Easter Sunday, he rose from the dead and appeared to his followers.

This event is significant because it confirms Jesus’s claim to be the Son of God and his power over death. It also symbolizes hope for Christians that they too will have eternal life after death.

Celebrations and Traditions

Easter celebrations vary across different cultures, but they all share common elements such as attending church services, giving gifts, and sharing meals with family and friends.

One popular tradition during Easter is egg hunting. This involves hiding decorated eggs for children to find, symbolizing new life or rebirth. Another tradition is Easter baskets filled with candy, toys, or other small gifts.

In some cultures, there are processions where people carry crosses or religious icons through streets. Others participate in reenactments of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday, also known as Holy Thursday, is observed on the Thursday before Easter Sunday. It commemorates Jesus’s Last Supper with his disciples before he was arrested and crucified.

During this day, some churches hold foot-washing services where members wash each other’s feet to symbolize humility and service towards others.

Good Friday

Good Friday marks the day when Jesus Christ was crucified and died on the cross. It is a solemn day, and some churches hold services where they reenact the crucifixion and read the passion story.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday marks the day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and it is a day of celebration. Christians attend church services, sing hymns, and participate in other joyous activities.


The celebration of Jesus’s resurrection is an important event for Christians worldwide. It symbolizes hope, new life, and triumph over death. Easter traditions vary across cultures, but they all share common elements such as attending church services, giving gifts, and spending time with loved ones.