What Is the Difference Between Ancient Greece and Modern Greece?

Ancient Greece and modern Greece are two distinct eras in the history of this Mediterranean country. While they share some similarities, they are vastly different in terms of culture, politics, and social norms. In this article, we will explore the differences between ancient Greece and modern Greece.

Ancient Greece

Culture: Ancient Greek culture is known for its art, literature, philosophy, and architecture. The Greeks were pioneers in many fields and made significant contributions to human civilization. Their mythology and religion shaped their beliefs and values.

Politics: Ancient Greek city-states were known for their democratic forms of government. Athens is considered the birthplace of democracy where citizens had a say in the decision-making process. However, women, slaves, and foreigners were not allowed to participate in politics.

Social norms: There were strict gender roles in ancient Greek society. Men were considered superior to women, and women had limited rights. Slavery was also prevalent during this time.

Modern Greece

Culture: Modern Greek culture is influenced by its ancient past but also reflects its history under Ottoman rule. Greek music, dance, cuisine, and traditions are an integral part of modern Greek culture.

Politics: Modern Greece is a parliamentary republic with a President as the head of state. All citizens above 18 years of age have voting rights regardless of gender or social status.

Social Norms: Gender roles have evolved significantly since ancient times with women having equal rights to men under the law. However, there is still room for improvement regarding gender equality issues such as equal pay.

Differences between Ancient Greece and Modern Greece

  • Ancient Greeks practiced polytheistic religion while modern Greeks practice Orthodox Christianity.
  • Ancient Greeks were known for their achievements in philosophy, literature, and art while modern Greeks are known for their hospitality and love of food.
  • Ancient Greek city-states were independent entities, while modern Greece is a nation-state.


In conclusion, ancient Greece and modern Greece are vastly different in culture, politics, and social norms. While ancient Greece is known for its contributions to human civilization, modern Greece has its unique traditions and values. By understanding the differences between these two eras, we can appreciate the rich history of this beautiful country.