What Is the History of Cricket World Cup?

Cricket World Cup is one of the most prestigious events in the world of cricket. The tournament brings together the best teams from all over the world to compete for the coveted title of World Champions.

The history of Cricket World Cup is a long and fascinating one, filled with triumphs and disappointments, upsets and surprises. Let’s take a closer look at how this iconic tournament came to be.

The Beginnings

The idea of a world championship for cricket was first proposed in 1912 by Sir Pelham Warner, a former English cricketer. However, it wasn’t until much later that the idea gained momentum. In 1971, the International Cricket Council (ICC) decided to organize a One Day International (ODI) competition, known as the Prudential Cup, which was held in England.

The First World Cup

The first-ever Cricket World Cup was held in 1975 in England. Eight teams participated in the tournament – Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies and East Africa (a team made up of players from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda).

The West Indies emerged as victors after defeating Australia in the final at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The tournament was deemed a huge success and plans were made to hold it every four years.

Expansion and Controversies

Over time, more teams were added to the tournament and it grew in size and popularity. However, there were controversies too – South Africa was banned from participating due to their apartheid policies and Zimbabwe’s participation was questioned due to political unrest in their country.

In 1992, major changes were made to the format of the tournament – matches were reduced from 60 overs per side to 50 overs per side and teams played each other twice before advancing to knock-out stages. This change proved successful as the tournament became more exciting and unpredictable.

Recent Years

In recent years, the Cricket World Cup has seen some of the most thrilling matches and upsets in its history. In 2007, minnows Bangladesh defeated India and South Africa to reach the Super Eight stage. In 2011, India won the tournament on home soil, sparking wild celebrations across the country.

The 2015 World Cup was hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand, with Australia winning their fifth title after defeating New Zealand in the final. The latest edition of the tournament was held in England in 2019, with hosts England winning their first-ever World Cup after a nail-biting final against New Zealand.

The Future

The next Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be held in India in 2023. The tournament promises to be an exciting one as teams gear up to compete for cricket’s ultimate prize.


The history of Cricket World Cup is one that is rich and colorful, filled with memorable moments and unforgettable matches. From humble beginnings to becoming one of the most watched events in world sport, the tournament has come a long way. As we look forward to future editions of this iconic event, we can only hope for more excitement and entertainment.