What Is the History of World Book Day?

World Book Day is an annual event celebrated globally on April 23rd. It is a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of reading, publishing, and copyright. The day is also known as the World Book and Copyright Day or International Day of the Book.

History of World Book Day

The origins of World Book Day date back to 1923 when booksellers in Catalonia, Spain started celebrating a day called “La Diada de Sant Jordi” (St. George’s Day). On this day, people exchange roses and books as gifts. The tradition was later adopted by UNESCO in 1995 and declared April 23rd as World Book Day.

Celebration of World Book Day

World Book Day is celebrated in many countries with different activities such as book fairs, storytelling sessions, book giveaways, and author readings. In some places, it is customary for people to exchange books as gifts on this day.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, World Book Day is celebrated with a special emphasis on children’s literature. Children receive book tokens that they can redeem for free books at participating bookstores. Schools often organize book-related events such as costume parties where children dress up as their favorite book characters.

Spain and Latin America

In Spain and Latin America, “La Diada de Sant Jordi” continues to be a popular celebration where people give roses and books to their loved ones. In Mexico, the National Reading Marathon takes place on this day where people read aloud from their favorite books in public places.

Rest of the world

Many other countries celebrate World Book Day with various events such as literary festivals and book readings. Some countries even declare it a public holiday to encourage reading among citizens.


World Book Day serves as a reminder of the importance of reading and the role books play in our lives. It is a celebration of literature, authors, publishers, and bookstores that make it possible for us to access knowledge and imagination. Let us make a pledge to read more books, promote literacy, and support the publishing industry on this day and every day.